The soft bigotry of low expectations works both ways

Posted on April 10, 2007 by rasqual.
Categories: Culture.

Not sure how long the NPR spot will be streamable. White folk, it seems, see everything in black and white.

My reply to NPR . . .

Your interview, Black Women Face Quandary, freaked me out. One woman said of what’s “still a White America” that when it comes to Obama, “all they see is a Black man.” Said another, “Folks will always see him as an African American, but they are taken aback when they hear him open his mouth.” Right — as a White man, it’s certain that my inevitable prejudices about Blacks will be broadsided by Obama’s different spin on Blackness.

What rot. I mean, pardon this White Republican for making it to King’s dream before some of these women, but good grief. Am I really obliged to live out this race-centered script to validate these ladies’ view of White America? The moment minorities are in the lineup (a darned good thing for the country, I’d say) these ladies act as if us White folk take the campaign for a minstrel show.

Can I please be free to judge Obama and Hillary (and everyone else) on the content of their character, and the merit of their vision? Or is the cynical expectation that even my children will assuredly validate the racist attitudes two of the interviewed women expect from us, for another generation or two?

Writing a note like this is difficult. I don’t like having to wonder whether to capitalize Black or White. I don’t like using the word “us” in that last paragraph in speaking of Whites. But it’s forced by the women’s “them” attitude. I think it stinks.

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