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[5/3/06: page created]


OK, the project has been on pause as a consequence of the Open Sky roaster (the "ring roaster," as I sometimes call it) consuming my summer operationally at the farmer's market. I had actually intended to pour a lot of effort into the IR thing until I got into the market stuff. The result has been a lot of hard work, expense, and fun. And happy customers, truly. Folks are NOT used to having their coffees brewed one at a time, any origin they like, and they're intrigued enough by the Aeropress that a few have bought them. Most famous cup at the market: Harrar. Whodathunkit.   ;-)


Anyway, the project might get back underway during the winter; I'm not sure. Development is expensive and time consuming! I'll mention that my last experiment with a ceramic, long-wave IR emitter was a success, achieving a uniform roast with ease. More power is required to reach temperature, however; the ceramic is nowhere near as efficient as halogen.


This page WILL show more work -- just not sure when! Whatever it shows will go well beyond the "play" stage, however.


Anticipate good things. Hey, it wouldn't be the first time.    ;-)